God is continuing to do great things!

While I was at one of our leaders’ retreats a political leader turned up unannounced. He heard I was in town and had immediately driven three hours to come to us. His first question was, “What do I do? I feel such an urgency to give my life to Jesus!” So, along with 55 of our key leaders, we had the joy of leading him to the Lord.

What is most amazing about this man’s decision is that over the next two months India will be having national elections. Considering his position, no political leaders want to show public support for Christians because they fear that Hindus will vote strongly against them.

What a stand for God he is making by choosing not to let this effect him.

I thank God that I was able to mentor this leader at such a vital time of his faith and social environment.

(Go to www.empart.org/news_and_media for more information about the Indian national elections.)

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