I am often asked why do we focus on national Church Planters rather than sending foreign missionaries….

A great leader will not be afraid to take on strategies of success proven by others.

With this in mind, I like to look to the examples of other great businesses already taking leadership in the country.

Coca Cola in particular is an American product. Localizing its image by advertising Indians drinking the product, even the business departments including the CEO were Indian. As a result the product was quickly adopted into the market by giving it a local face- something churches have previously failed to do.

So what are the benefits of using nationalization as a church planting strategy:

  • We can save resources from not having to organize visas, passports or international flights to reach the field.
  • The church planters don’t need to learn the language.
  • They understand the culture and customs of the people, which allows them to immediately present the Gospel in a culturally relevant manner.
  • Their standard of living is similar and connects with the people whom they serve.
  • It is cost effective to support them. A national Church Planter and family can be supported for as little as $600 – $1800 per year.
  • Their leadership and decision making is culturally appropriate and is not determined by a “westernized” form of the Gospel.
  • A national church planting movement successfully rebuts the frequent accusation that Christianity is a “western or foreign religion”.Friend, you too can choose to be part of this great move of God – through your giving, your praying and using your time and skills to promote the role of national Church Planters.
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