It is often the business leaders that I meet with who will ask questions about how I make my vision, the vision of my workers.
Put simply… It is goes back to the essence of preaching.

It is about transformation in Jesus’ name.

A successful preacher leads you beyond an emotional response into an act of obedience to Jesus.

Need an example?

Three years ago, I taught our Indian leaders about The Great Commission and our responsibilities – that God blesses us in order for us to be a blessing, He gives us the message so we can tell others and He saves us so we can save others.

In response, they gathered with a large world map and cried out to God for the nations. By the end of the day, the group agreed, “We want the gospel to go out from North India to the ends of the earth.”

[google_map latitude=”31.833246″ longitude=”74.707369″ ]

Immediately they sought to train their Nepalese brothers through our Indian Training Centres, to then send them back to Nepal. Our Indian leaders then travelled to Nepal to seek specific ways to reach the Nepalese. They fervently prayed and fasted, and God miraculously opened doors. Through this trip, our own Nepalese Training Centre was birthed.

What is amazing is that when a transformation in Jesus occurs, others are encouraged also.

Not long after, one of our North Indian churches decided to support this work, through buying a Nepalese brother a Church Planting Kit.

Others are organising a short term trip to Nepal, while our Indian leaders are visiting, encouraging and training the Nepalese leaders. Plans are in place to plant churches in Burma, Tibet, Bhutan and Bangladesh – some of the world’s most unreached people.

That is how you too can encourage others in the ways of the Lord, by allowing Jesus to be the word.

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