It was with a heavy heart that I had to write a letter: “I am very sorry… I am not able to find enough sponsors… so we are not sure if you will get any support when you to plant your new churches…”

Pastor James responded, “Pastor Jossy, we are committed to go at any cost. The Great Commission is non-negotiable for us.”

It seems that in the global economic crisis, many sponsors and partners are having to reduce or stop their support. However, challenging to me was the fact that big consumer companies could be reporting times of growth and a predicted increase in sales.

This made me realise spending is not being cut back in all areas.

I believe that for many western Christians the Great Commission is seen as a “negotiable commitment”, one that can be varied according to our situation.

I am glad to report that our Church Planters in Asia have not dropped out or cut back their hours because of the lack of support. Over the past 12 months 380 Church Planters have not had sponsorship but they are still out there reaching the lost. In July we are sending another 250 Church Planters into unreached regions of North India – and most of them are yet to be sponsored.

Be encouraged, rather than not negotiating on that coffee you buy every day, $50 a month could help these servants of God.

Right now we have profiles for Church Planters, with their photos and stories – all waiting for you to call. I am asking unashamedly, I beg you, please support these brothers and sisters in Christ today.

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