Personally finding the love and acceptance of God to be so real in my own life, I could not shake the sadness in knowing that so many were being robbed of understanding their true value and worth.

The Caste System has been operating in India for thousands of years. This system favors particular groups of people and discriminates against others. From the moment a child is born, they are taught that they are only worth as much as their caste.

The “Untouchables” are the people in the lowest level of the Caste System and nearly early 80% of the Indian population belong to a caste that is degraded and mistreated. They are given less dignity, value and worth than animals.

That is why I started The Caste Reconciliation Movement. To help people understand that they are created by God as equals and we are all brothers and sisters.  By creating opportunities for entire communities and castes to be united; Political leaders, Westerners, High Caste Brahmans and religious leaders are invited to come and apologize to the mistreated castes.

As we encourage them to ask for forgiveness, tell others they are created in the image of God and take part in foot washing, the harmful cultural ways of life are replaced by the stable biblical traditions that are rooted in love.

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