I was sitting in a tiny room with eight of our key leaders from Asia. It was 44°C, with no electricity. With the high humidity I changed my clothes three times in the one day. I was hot and bothered, to say the least. I began to wonder, ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I even here?’ My mind wandered to all the places I’d rather be…

My thoughts were interrupted. One of our leaders was sharing about the persecution and threats he and his family have had over the last few months. When he finished, another brother shared about how his team of church planters has been suffering at the hands of the militants.

I was listening, but could also hear a still, small voice: ‘You’re bothered about the heat and sweat that you have to put up with for few days; these men’s lives are under threat but they see it as a privilege to do what they are doing.’

Jesus says ‘My food is to do the will of my Father and to finish His work.’ (John 4:34) Jesus was not looking at His own needs, comforts, pleasure, future or security – instead He lived and died to fulfil the will of the Father.

God is raising up a new brand of Christian in Asia.

Every day they say again, ‘Not my will, Lord.’ They are not pursuing their own pleasure or comfort but want to fulfil the Great Commission at any cost.

The more I partner with these Christians, the more I am challenged and inspired by them. Friends, let us not get weary in praying for them, giving and sharing with them so that together we are able to reach the unreached people.

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