This command is so serious John clearly explains to us 6 blessings if we obey and 6 judgements if we disobey this command, no other commandment is explained in this way:

Six blessings you will have if you love one another as seen in 1 John 3:10-24:

  1. You are God’s Child – Vs 10
  2. You will pass from death to life – Vs 14
  3. You Belong to the Truth and will be in His presence – Vs 19
  4. You will have Confident before God – v21
  5. He will answer your prayers Vs 22
  6. You will abide in God and God in you Vs 24

Six judgements if you don’t love one another as seen in 1 John 3:10-24:

  1. You become a child of the devil – Vs 10
  2. You remain in death – Vs 14
  3. You are a murderer and will not have eternal life – Vs15
  4. You will not have confident to stand before God  – v21
  5. Your prayers will not be answered – Vs 22
  6. You can’t abide in God, God will not abide in you – Vs 24

God explains his preferred way for you to live and then give you a choice – you chose the way you want to live but the consequences for now and eternity are explained so clearly – So which way do you want to live?

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