As leaders we often see challenges and problems negatively, we think they are intended to destroy and damage us. But God has promised us that He will work all together for good, so we should start seeing opportunities emerging through our challenges and problems.

From Numbers 11, there are 6 key lessons we can learn from Moses’ attitude towards his problems and how God used those problems to increase  Moses’ leadership capacity.

Leadership Lesson 1: Surround yourself with the right people

Moses did not have the right people around him – he was surrounded by whingers and moaners (Vs1-6). When pain and difficulty comes to you, your friends are shown for who they really are!

You become like the people you associate with!

Watch for the culture in your organisation – is it one of gratitude, gratefulness and thanksgiving or is it one of complaining, murmuring and ungratefulness? Life is too short to spend at the complaint counter; God does not dwell in the midst of complaints – the Psalms say that God inhabits the praises of His people!

Number 11 Vs 10 says – the anger of the Lord was greatly aroused! God does not tolerate such culture. How about you?! We as leaders must take responsibility for shaping the culture of our ministry and organisation.

– What is the culture you are creating and leading?
– What are the people you associate with like?

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