From Numbers 11, this is the second of 6 key lessons we can learn from Moses’ attitude towards his problems and how God used those problems to increase Moses’ leadership capacity.

Leadership Lesson 2: Don’t allow the external things to go internal

Instead of diagnosing the problem and leading the people towards the vision, Moses allowed the moaning, complaints and cries to manifest internally (Vs10-15). Instead of influencing his followers, he allowed the people he led to influence him.

A boat is made to be in the water but not water in the boat! Leaders are created to solve problems but encounter crisis when they allow the disillusionment and dissatisfaction of the masses to be internalised and negatively influence their leadership.

A street vendor was selling helium balloons; he had a massive bundle of balloons of various sizes and colours to sell. To get the attention of the kids, he decided to release a big red balloon. As the balloon ascended into the air, the kids started to run towards him; one child asked him: can the black one fly like the red one? He let a black one go and it went up just like the red balloon. Again the child asked “what about the small yellow one?” Obliging the child, the vendor released the yellow balloon and together they watched it ascend. Seeing the intrigue of the child, the balloon man leaned towards him and said “it is not the  colour or the size that allows it to fly, rather what is inside”. If you allow the external things to get inside of you – you stop flying as a leader and very quickly start sinking!

Where are your problems? Outside or inside?

Are you influencing people or allowing them to influence you?


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