From Numbers 11, this is the third of 6 key lessons we can learn from Moses’ attitude towards his problems and how God used those problems to increase Moses’ leadership capacity.

Leadership Lesson 3: Moses became self focused rather than God focused- he started to look inward rather than upward (Vs 11-15)

In these 5 verses he refers to “I” and “me” 14 times – our language will tell us and others where we are focusing. The more we look inward, the more pitiful we become; the more we look upward, the stronger we become. Jesus said, “lift up your eyes and see that the harvest is plentiful”. David says in Psalm 121: 1-3, “I look up towards the mountains – from where my help comes? My help comes from the Lord, the creator of heaven and earth. He will not let you fall…”

The devil’s strategy is to create situations and problems so that you take your eye off the vision, goals and ultimately from the Lord and get you to start looking inward. The devil knows if he can do this he will win. But the Lord always comes to lift up your head and He encourages you to look up and high.

What is your language telling you and others?

When troubles come, where do you look?

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