From Numbers 11, this is the sixth of 6 key lessons we can learn from Moses’ attitude towards his problems and how God used his problems to increase His Leadership capacity.

Leadership Lesson 6: Realise all that God has put inside of you

Moses did not realise, what was in him was greater than what was coming on him! (Vs 16 & 17)

Moses felt he did not have any more fuel left in him to fight another battle.

God tells Moses to bring 70 men and I will come and take the spirit that I have already put inside of you and I will put it on them Vs 17.  God did not bring anything from heaven – it was already inside Moses!  Before the foundations of the earth God knew you and had a plan and purpose for you; He has deposited all that you need to fulfil His plan – it is already inside of you – it may be dormant but it is there!  God is trying to bring those dormant abilities, gifts, talents, calling, vision, and potential out through the pain that you are going through – like childbirth!

God is good and He will bring good out of everything because you love Him.

Moses had 70 times greater capacity than he thought he had.  One minute he was ready to die, the next minute 70 others are raised up to leadership through his spirit!

70 leaders are born through the pain that Moses went through! How many are inside you?!  Don’t die with them!  If Moses had died two verses earlier as he wanted, those 70 would have never come…  What is in you is greater than what is coming on you!

Moses wanted to and asked God to kill him, imagine what would have happened if God had answered his prayer? There are good reasons why the Lord does not answer all your prayers!

Don’t go to your grave before birthing all that God has put inside of you.

–        Do you know what God has put inside of you?
–        What do you need to do next to see the breakthrough?

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