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I have known Jossy for many years; he was involved with his friend, John Sikkema, in taking and establishing Half Time from the US to Australia.  When I became aware of Jossy’s vision to transform 100,000 communities in Asia, it got my attention.  My great friend and mentor, the late Peter Drucker, always advised me to aim high when it came to investing my time and efforts because of the potential for greater results.  Jossy Chacko not only has set a big, hairy, audacious goal for himself, but he’s doing it in one of the most difficult regions of the world.  Yet despite the crushing poverty and hostility to Christianity, Jossy and his growing cadre of brave workers are well on their way toward his goal.  His entrepreneurial approach to the church mirrors my own belief that the best way to help a church become healthy and effective is to develop visionary leaders.  And we also share the conviction that the church is an extension of Jesus’s ministry to the whole person, caring for the physical needs as well as the spiritual.

Bob Buford

Founder, Halftime Institute & Leadership Network

I have over 25 years of friendship and relationship with Jossy.  During this time, I have witnessed the following traits in him: Jossy follows Jesus passionately, is a man of integrity, strong business acumen, wisdom, transformational leadership, and has an audacious vision and humility. I can also testify to the strength of his character and stewardship. To me, Jossy is one of the most dynamic transformational leaders of the modern day.

Dan Daniels

CEO, Daniels Health

Not only does Jossy radiate an infectious energy, joy and can-do attitude, but he is a logical thinker and organizer of which I’ve not experienced previously in my 75 year lifetime which has included meeting with top US bank presidents and US Presidents. Spiritually and socially speaking, to both have and execute Jossy’s goal of transforming 100,000 communities by 2030 is unquestionably a vision direct from God Himself.

In the entire world wide Christian community today, I know of no one who has an equal or greater burden AND vision for the unsaved.

Bruce Hanes

President, Hanes Investment Realty

Jossy is an exceptional leader and communicator.  Northwood Church was blown away by him and still talks about when he came and spoke. There’s not a man I believe in more.

Dr Bob Roberts

Senior Pastor, Northwood

“Jossy is a gifted communicator and brings vision, passion and inspiration.  You will not be disappointed.” Invite Jossy to speak today.

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