With what kind of Love are we to love one another?

Love is a funny word – we tell our dog and cat we love them and then turn to our wife and kids – we love them! Are they the same love? – Some of you may think it is the same or worst – you love your dog or cat more?! A friend of mine says – he hopes that he and the dog would never be sick at the same time – because he knows who will get looked after first and better?!!

So with what kind of love are we to love one another?

In this there are 4 clear challenges before us (I say challenges because as I look at them – I am deeply confronted and convicted – I still have a long way to go! Please pray for me.):

1.     God kind of Love

Well since we are God’s children and that He is our Father – we should love like He does. Bible says – God is love – NOT that He has love – but He is love. So we the children of God must love like Him because we are also love – not just have love!

God’s kind of love is explained in 1 Cor 13. We normally read this in the context of a wedding but this scripture was not written for a wedding – but for a church that was deeply divided!

The qualities of God kind of love are explained, so when we love one another these qualities must be evident:

  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Generous – not just taking but giving
  • Humility – Not arrogant or rude
  • Courteous – Not rejoice at wrongdoing
  • Not Selfish
  • Not easily angered
  • Thinks no evil
  • Sincerity – Rejoices in the truth
  • Bears, believes, hopes and Endures all things
  • We are to love with a Never failing love

We can see everyone of this is evident in Jesus’s life and ministry – and we are to follow and imitate him. That is why He said – As I have loved you.

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